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Every Monday Night

5:30 - 6:30pm

at The Lotus

Embodied Yoga Flow is an integrative practice that creates a sacred space to witness our natural rhythms by quieting the thinking mind through challenging, mindful and creative yoga tools. This combination of physical challenge, breath work, intention setting and tracking of the inner landscape leads us to inhabit our most whole selves fully in the moment. Class starts with gentle supine movements, builds awareness of your inner landscape, introduces sneaky strength building through variety of movement and then challenges a shift in perspective as we flow through a yoga sequence around our mats. While there is plenty of cues to witness, there's also lots of playfulness all set to a vibrant playlist and closed with a gentle body scan. It's our own recipe here at The Lotus, and we hope you'll come check it out and let me know what you think!

4th Friday of Feb, March, April, and May

5 - 6pm

Downstairs at The Lotus

This will be a playful, gentle and supportive, trauma-informed yoga class that will draw from a variety of tools including Somatic Experiencing, movement, mudras, mantras and Yoga Nidra to help reboot our nervous systems.  

Yoga can be a supportive practice that helps trauma survivors recalibrate the nervous system especially when taught in an intentional and trauma-informed fashion.

What makes Trauma-Informed Embodied yoga different from a traditional yoga class?  Trauma-informed yoga is an approach to creating a safe, sensitive space in which students can learn nervous system regulation skills through movement, gentle tracking of sensations in the body, mindfulness techniques and play. 

This approach acknowledges that any student coming to a class may have experienced trauma - but in reality, it's less about the trauma and more about the impact on our body and nervous system.  Even if you don't consider yourself a trauma survivor, you may experience anxiety, hypervigilence, insomnia or in general, a lack of a sense of safety in your being or an inability to rest.  This yoga class has that expression of your nervous system in mind.  If your fear response is activated and you'd like to take a yoga class that is sensitive to that, this is the one to check out.

Principles of Trauma-Informed Embodied Yoga:
+ I teach from an awareness that you may be coming in and not feeling safe in your body.
+ I honor that you are the expert on your body and experiences.
+ My intention is to create a safe, playful, comfortable space that is empowering for all students.
+ I provide options and modifications for yoga poses recognizing that there is no “ideal” shape.
+ I am conscious of stimulation and let it inform music, keep lighting soft, and limit scents and objects in the room, etc.
+ I acknowledge that some poses and yoga props might make students feel vulnerable and always give permission to find your own shape.
+ I use language of inquiry instead of rigid statements.
+ I refrain from “hands-on assists” or apply them cautiously and only with explicit permission.
+ I share tools to provide a sensation of grounding and safety that can then be taken out of the studio, and into life.
+ I celebrate imperfection and foster curiosity through play.

How is this class different from the Trauma-informed Embodied Yoga series?
The series provides more psycho-education in conjunction with movement and is a great opportunity to dive deeper into the why Trauma-Informed Embodied Yoga can provide some relief from the suffering that happens with our nervous system gets highjacked.  


So, come wander, play, find yourself and unlock the healing that lies inside of you. All bodies, all levels welcome, no experience needed. Drop-ins and Lotus class cards apply. 

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