Trauma Informed Yoga Series

Trauma Informed Embodied Yoga Series

September 2020

At The Lotus

This 4 week trauma sensitive yoga series for those who have experienced all types of trauma and are now looking for tools to bring the nervous system back into balance.  Classes involve trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness techniques to help students nurture their connection to their bodies while exploring and releasing the impact of trauma.  

This is a great series for anybody wanting a safe space to explore yoga.  Each week will be supplemented by an informational video setting the stage for that week's class.  The videos will provide a cerebral understanding about the impact of trauma on our body and nervous system.  Our in-person classes will be our opportunity to move and explore these themes through the body, breath and mindfulness.

At the end of the series, you will have been introduced to the following things all through the lens of trauma-informed:
+ Restorative Yoga
+ Yoga Nidra
+ Gentle Yoga
+ Mantras (repeated words or sounds)
+ Mudras (hand gestures)
+ Breathing techniques
+ Mindfulness practices
+ Self-care rituals
+ Tools to bring your practice home

This series is designed to be accessible to all levels of yoga practitioners.  Please reach out to Caitlin McWilliams with any questions.  

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"I loved the introduction to different styles, the meditation with mudras (a new style of meditation for me), the physical sets. I really enjoyed the wealth of information and knowledge Caitlin brought to this class without making it too cerebral or academic. I loved, loved, loved establishing this supportive community of folks on the same journey. Even with my struggles with holding back from sharing with the class, I never felt like I wasn’t being supported and accepted." - Donna