What are students saying?

"Creative. Authentic. Graceful.

We're always playing with prana and flow; Dripping, letting go and just being. Almost like a dance, exploring the beat, finding rhythm between breath and movement.

It's been wonderful practicing with Caitlin!"  -Aashumi Shah

"Caitlin is a down-to-Earth, engaging teacher who imbues her classes with a warm sense of community.  She does a fantastic job of assessing the energy and skill level of her classes, providing beginners with the space to explore comfortably while more advanced students are free to find new edges in their practice.  She also strikes a great balance between the physical and meditative aspects of yoga, treating each as an equal partner in the discipline, which really enhances the overall experience of the student.  She also plays great tunes." -Brian Oxley


"Caitlin's instruction is inspired and energetic. Beginning my Monday mornings in her class was the perfect launch into the week.  I can not think of heart-openers without smiling to myself and thinking of Caitlins yoga classes. She is a generous and nurturing yoga instructor."  - Otis Ramsey-Zoe



"Caitlin was my yoga teacher for only six months, yet her departure from my life has left a hole. Despite not being a morning person, she became a light and an inspiration that I looked forward to every Monday at 7 am. She helped me carve out a safe space for intentionality, introspection and self-care. I came to Caitlin's first class a dancer nursing an injured hip and left her last, a stronger athlete through regular yoga practice. I rest more assured that my intention to dance into my old age is now possible in light of this multifaceted practice that facilitates deep breath, core fire and peace of mind. Caitlin's rich personal practice, both physical and spiritual, is evidence in her bodily agility and teaching style. The flow and pace of Caitlin's classes require that one to be present and let go of expectations. She starts by reminding you to the to leave behind the outside world in favor of breath, body and spirit. She encourages and challenges each individual to work within the structure that she provides while dropping into one's own movements and rhythm. She gently reminds you to not take yourself too seriouslyto disengage the ego, smile and laugh as you fall from difficult poses. Her heartfelt namaste and genuine openness to questions and suggestions after class offers a satisfying resolution to a good work out. If you live in Denver, you should give Caitlin's class a try; I guarantee you will not be disappointed. " - Althea Skinner