Our intention for this offering is to make the practice of embodiment, accessible, connected, playful, strong and tailorable so it’s not another thing to add to the overwhelm.  We will be offering 21 days of embodiment practice from 3 different teachers as a way for you to play with creating a small space in your day to come out of the panic and into your body (with so much permission for imperfection).  


So what the heck is this?  We are a group of teachers all connected by the common thread of the body and nervous system but separate threads of how we get there.  We are a group of white, cyst-gendered, women who all reside in Helena, Montana.  


We are hearing a call from the community for a number of things especially before we land into holidays - how to create a habit that feels beneficial in the midst of all this madness, how to feel connected while also staying safe, and how to even access the body when the mind is in survival.  As we heard this call, saw this pattern in clients, we asked ourselves how we can show up in offer and few things came to mind - we want to be with others as we offer and we want to offer something that’s manageable and not another thing you can’t get to on the to-do list.



So here’s what we came up with!


Twenty one days of daily embodiment content sent daily to your inbox. These practices are like snacks: nourishing, short, and fun.  The three of us will provide you with a variety of styles and tools creating more opportunities to see what works for you.




Here’s the proposed schedule for our 3 weeks together which will arrive in your inbox by 6am for you to incorporate into your day as works for you.

  • Saturday: 15 minute Embodied Strength Snack with Indigo

  • 10am (MST) Live Zoom Check In: Saturday is the only day with a live zoom check that is totally optional. An opportunity to see who else is joining you in this and hear a light version of a Dharma Talk with Indigo and Caitlin

  • Sunday: 55 minute OULA/Oula.One fusion class with Jamie

  • Monday: 15 minute Embodied Movement Snack with Cailtin

  • Tuesday: 15 minute Embodied Strength Snack with Indigo

  • Wednesday: 15 minute Embodied Movement Snack with Cailtin

  • Thursday: 15 minute Embodied Strength Snack with Indigo

  • Friday: 15 minute Embodied Breath Snack with Cailtin


We will start on Saturday, October 10th and end on Friday, October 30th.




We want to make this accessible for you but also have to make enough to reimburse our time.  We are hoping you can support us anywhere in the range below:
$200 - $60
Please send me an email if you'd like to join and I will provide you with next steps to pay via paypal or venmo.


If none of these options are available to you but you are really wanting to join, please reach out and connect.  Let us know what is an option and we will do our best to make it work!

Caitlin McWilliams, MS, E-RYT, is an Embodiment Coach who specializes in using the physical, intellectual and spiritual practice of yoga and is in training to be a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  For the past decade, she has focussed her learning on how the body is a tool in processing gripped trauma. She has practiced yoga for over 20 years and has spent the last decade teaching in studios throughout Washington DC, Denver, CO and now Helena, MT. She uses tools from Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Reiki, Thai Massage, LifeForce Yoga, Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Somatic Experiencing. Before closing her studio due to COVID-19, she offered weekly classes, yoga series focussed on supporting folks through specific mental health challenges along with a variety of workshops rooted in the philosophy that wraps around yoga.  She currently is primarily homeschooling her 3 cubs, but also has a vibrant private practice where she sees one on one clients and shares these tools to support embodied healing.










Jamie Anesi, LCPC with a concentration in Grief, Loss and Trauma, is a Transpersonal and Somatic Psychotherapist in Helena MT.  She integrates mindfulness, self-acceptance, play and compassion with leading-edge trauma and grief tools such as, body centered somatic modalities, sand tray therapy, waking dream therapy, writing therapy, journey work, earth-based sessions, meditation, EMDR and movement therapy. Jamie has been in private practice as a LCPC for 16 years and has been teaching dance and movement therapy for over 18 years and OULA for over 10 years. She is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Training. Jamie’s intention is to bring more embodied compassion, curiosity, play  and a felt sense of safety into your journey of being human through integration of mind, body and spirit. 


Because there is a depth to this journey of being human, Jamie fosters and supports a depth to your play, your strong, your still and your heart. Play is the heart of the practice; we all are movers and shakers. Her movement classes, workshops and retreats focus on cutting edge learning, nervous system science and self compassion and are made up of a welcoming community to meet you on your wellness journey.


Learn more about Jamie at www.jamieanesi.com


Indigo Snarr: I am a trained yoga instructor with multiple certifications in functional training, mobility work, and strength training. Throughout my early career in the world of fitness I bought into the notion that "fitness" and strength was achieved through pushing past pain and completing workouts that were punishing. After multiple injuries and overall unhappiness with the pursuit I worked on gaining the knowledge I now use to keep my body mobile, durable, and strong for everyday life. 

With this in mind I specializes in creating movement patterns and workouts that are accessible, enjoyable, and functional. I believe in using these workouts as a moment to pause in your day and have a conversation with your body. For me a large part of accessing my mental health is knowing how and where to find my strength and a portion of that strength comes from my own body.  My aim is to share this knowledge and help others have beneficial conversations with their own body.